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“Guy is an exceptional instructor with a depth of knowledge in the field of communications. His insights into solving interpersonal situations will definitely aid me in the future in my profession.”

Patricia Bennet
Criterion Catalyst & Technologies
Port Allen, LA

"A must do course for every member of an organization. Communications impact every person we deal with both internally and externally. Good for breaking down barriers and preventing misunderstandings."

Paul Heaney
Aspen Interiors
Sydney, Australia

• Mazda
• Social Security
• Administration

• The Bridge FM 88.7FM
• McLane Children's Hospital
• Kansas City Blood Bank
• Emanuel Medical Center
• Amherst Town Court
• SkillPath Seminars

US Navy
• General Electric
• Wal-Mart
• Park University
• Texas A&M
• Coldwell Banker
• Closet Factory
• Monarch Mortgage