Key Services

* Planning, Budgeting & Organizing 
* Accounting & Bookkeeping Set-up 
* Legal & Business Structure 
* Business Assessments 
* Brand & Product Development 
* Portfolio Management 
* Printing & Custom Graphic Design

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The JohnathanDavid Company, Inc. ™ is a professional consultancy, investment and holding company primarily engaged in building businesses. From start-ups, to small business and non-profit organizations, your vision, we can build it.
We help you manage resources in an efficient manner, from legal, financial, creative and business or product development to get you to the next level. We work to understand your vision and will push you to excellence. "We’re business builders. Your vision. We’ll build it.”
* Gain a competitive advantage. 
* Properly manage primary administrative functions:
  Planning, Budgeting & Organizing 
* Grow, manage and govern your business. 
* Build your asset. 
* Business Assessment: financial wage & overhead Cost. 
* Business Plan with 5 year projections.

JDC Service Overview

Creative Brand Development & Marketing Strategy
This service includes identifying:

* Target market & research. 
* Developing brand position & messaging strategy. 
* Logo design, newsletter, tagline,
  content marketing strategy. 
* Website design & maintenance, social media
   pages, jingles, tagline. 
* Marketing tool kit (videos, one page sales
​  sheet, traditional or e-brochures.)

Legal & Business Structure
* Sole Proprietor, S-Corp or LLC. 
* EIN registration with IRS. 
* Articles of incorporation, fictitious name, local
​  business and state department of taxation filings.

Portfolio Management & Product Development
How you manage your portfolio of investments depends on your strategic plan. This service forms the basis of a strong business strategy for:

* Producing products and services. 
* Handling customers and using competitive tactics. 
* Assigning particular people and departments to
​  specific tasks. 
* Ensuring that all of the many subsidiary tasks for a
  larger goal get accomplished. 
* Define your company's direction and describe how you
  allocate budgets and resources and analyze investment
  choices (project or financial) that support your company.

Financial & Administrative Functions
This service comprise vital parts of your company structure:

* Accounting, bookkeeping set-up, banking
​  (credit union or Bank). 
* Planning, budgeting & organizing credit. 
* Tax collection and payment, payroll.

​Budgeting is an element within planning, but the financial organization within a company must have its own infrastructure to maintain a valid degree of control over the organization. Ideas are an important part of any successful company, but without the budget in place to fund these ideas, they remain just that, ideas rather than reality.

Business Assessment & Strategic Planning
This service is vital to the success of any business. This does not just refer to plans for the next month, quarter or year, but also to five, 10 and 25 years down the road. When IBM said in the early 1970’s that it was unlikely that anyone would use a home computer, this lack of foresight plagued the company for years to come.

Proud to have built Compassion Advocacy Network, Inc. into a Five Star nonprofit client

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