Leading the Path for Single Mothers


We are a tax-exempt, 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and we welcome contributions. Your support is not just helping us but it empowers our team to do the work that changes the lives of so many single mothers in the Coastal Virginia area. Thank you.
Becoming a sponsor or a financial contributor is what fuels our programs.
Contributions of various kinds can be utlized in helping us serve our mothers.
Professionals can contribute their time by teaching a class based on their industry.

Our Program 

About Us 

Journey For Success is the evolution of Still Hope Foundation, Inc.  The organization was established in October, 2007 in an effort to lighten the parenting responsibilities borne by single mothers throughout the Hampton Roads, Virginia communities. 
The organization's goal is to equip single mothers with those tools that will enable them to become self-sufficient leaders of their households.

​Through the provision of an educational certificate program and supportive mentoring relationships, women are elevated and empowered to move forward and navigate a successful path for themselves and their families.  Journey For Success - a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit public charity - seeks to ensure that every mom has the opportunity to build and maintain a successful family unit.

While our clientele of mothers parenting alone varies by circumstance, from teen or divorced mothers, to widowed women, we believe that any mother, irrespective of her socio-economic status, religion, or race, can benefit from the guidance and support provided via Journey For Success. 

Our certificate curriculum concentrates on seven (7) areas of focus to ensure that women are afforded the opportunity to enhance their own lives while strengthening their families. They are: Discovery, Health & Wellness, Child Development, Career Development, Financial Advancement, Social Impact & Interaction, and Communication. To enhance the mother's experience and further ensure her success, we solicit community volunteers who are willing to work alongside program participants as Development Coaches (Mentors).  

We Value Partnerships

At Journey For Success we forge vital partnerships with other community organizations to hosting various events to benefit individuals and families in the Hampton Roads Area.

Getting Involved

We welcome and appreciate your willingness to volunteer your time and/or make a donation. Please contact us for more information.