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Frequently Asked Questions
(1.) How does PR Flight services differ from me investing into
​      promotional campaigns for my business.

               A: PR Flight services are dedicated to the resources used to better present to
               perspective clients that support sales efforts. Promotion would be a good
               next step if you had a strong persentation to connect clients for a targeted
​               purpose or you can limit your results from general advertising.             
(2.) How can I be listed in the Account Holder directory?

               A: Only approved accounts receive access to be listed.

(3.) What are the features of a PR Flight Account?

               A: There are multiple services that are offered to a PR Flight Account
               Holder versus having to purchase these services individually from various
               service providers. For more information: Click here

E-mail Online Support
For General Inquires:

Please submit your question to us at anytime. E-mail responses can take up to 24-48 hours and are contingent on our project work flow. We appreciate your inquiry and will respond to you as soon as possible. Thank you.

(4.) How much are the fees to be listed in the Account Holders Directory?​

               A: The Account Holders Directory is only offered to approve account holders
               and is included in their service package. There is no dedicated rate to be in
               this directory without being an approved account holder.
(5.) Will PRFlight.com assist me with my promotion?

               PRFlight.com is not a promotions outlet. PRFlight.com does not offer
​               promotion services.
(6.) Will PRFlight.com assist me with my press releases, setting up interviews or
​      talent bookings? 

               PRFlight.com is not a promotions outlet. PRFlight.com does not offer PR
               services that consist of distributing press releases, setting up interviews and
​               talent bookings.
​For PR Flight Account Holders:

Please submit all information to support. A representative will contact you as soon as possible by e-mail or phone. Thank you.